Inform loves Scandinavian design as characterised by simplification of form combined with perfect function. From the 1930s to the present day Scandinavian designers have enriched interiors with everyday objects that are both beautiful and affordable. With their love of nature and the landscape that surrounds them, Scandinavian designers are often inspired by trees and water, the curved shore line, patterned birch bark, filtered light in a forest or simple flower and leaf forms.

Designs for ceramics, glass, furniture, textiles and lighting all incorporate this clear Scandinavian vision and the best examples are loved and admired decade after decade, seemingly unaffected by fleeting trends and fashion.

At Inform we are proud to be the United Kingdom agent for five Scandinavian manufacturers and one northern German manufacturer. All these remarkable companies embody the best traditions of quality and craftsmanship yet also embrace the new modernism. They commission and produce high quality, functional products by some of the most interesting designers working today. These six companies are:

  • Blå Station from Åhus on the south east coast of Sweden
  • Flötotto are a German company based in the historic town of Reitberg in Westphalia
  • Lightyears from Aarhus, which is also the second oldest city in Denmark
  • Lintex is based in Nybro in the heart of Sweden’s glass-making district
  • Swedese from Vaggeryd in the forests of Småland, Sweden
  • Zero from Nybro, a small city, again surrounded by forests in Småland, Sweden
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