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Sustainable wood


Here's what our suppliers say:

Bla Station - Sustainability as a fundamental pillar since the start in 1986

At Bla Station, we've taken a stand and made our choices based on emotions and our consciences.  We follow our seven criteria for sustainable development and have chosen to produce everything in Sweden, the Nordics and the Baltic region, in order to ensure each link in the chain of production follows our criteria and to make sure that we continue to be at the forefront.  To meet today's demands and desires, we believe it is necessary to have an open and innovative mind, a child's curiosity as well as a heart that rejects shortcuts and apathy. 

Environment/Quality - Blå Station (

For Swedese sustainable quality underpins everything.

Every stage of our process – from design to production, via selection of materials, purchasing, premises and transport – is characterised by the concept of sustainable quality.

Swedese - Our sustainability work

Zero's strategy is to constantly and actively work on improving the energy efficiency of our products and processes.

Our own production produces more energy than it consumes, and more than 80% of all components are produced within 200km of Nybro, Sweden.

Sustainability - Zero (

At Arco, we strive to become more sustainable every day.

We continue to manufacture at our own factory in Winterswijk. And we're well on the way to 100% circularity: for every new design, we focus our attention on closing the material cycle loop. We only use water-based lacquers and stains. And we’re always on the lookout for more sustainable alternatives. As a business with the STIP quality mark, we get our wood – American walnut included – from sustainably managed, FSC® and PEFC certified, European forests. 

Sustainability | Arco

A lamp from Pholc will sustain.

Pholc lights are made to last 30 years or more, which means that all parts with a shorter and limited lifespan are replaceable. Our construction, electrical solutions and design expressions will last over time.

About us - Pholc

Since 2014 Made by Hand has been crafting its unique story around making lasting and timeless designs with soul and beauty.

The craftsmanship and conscious choice of natural materials with a smaller impact on CO2 emissions is part of our ethos, and we source and produce most of our products in Denmark.  

About – Made By Hand


With great respect for the original designs, the new LYFA collection includes a versatile range of floor, table, wall and ceiling lamps. Dimensions and materials have been thoughtfully updated to complement contemporary and sustainable living. Plastic shades have been replaced with opal glass, chrome plating is changed to polished stainless steel securing a timeless and long-lasting expression without compromising on quality or the original design language.

About LYFA

Warm Nordic

Concern for the environment, transition to sustainable energy and reduction of climate footprint are all natural parts of Warm Nordic’s core values.

We select both raw materials, suppliers and partners with great care, and our ambition is to make even more sustainable and environmental choices in the production of raw materials without compromising on quality, aesthetics and functionality.

Information – Warm nordic EN

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